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Chapter 13 - Debt Reorganization

Chapter 13 is a personal reorganization for individual wage earners. This means that corporations and businesses are not eligible for chapter 13. A chapter 13 will help those who earn enough to meet their basic needs each month but are having a difficult time paying their creditors. When you need a lower monthly payment in order to meet the demands of your creditors, this is the bankruptcy plan that will help you get back on track.

Stop Foreclosure
One of the most powerful features of a Chapter 13 is that it in some cases it stop foreclosure in its tracks and allow you to get caught up on your mortgage payments over time.

Chapter 13 can be filed at any time right up until the foreclosure takes place and SAVE YOUR HOME. Too often people wait until it is too late to save their house before they consider a bankruptcy. Your home is your most important asset. If you are at risk for losing your home, please don't wait until it is too late - let us help you save it.
Keep More of Your Property
One reason that our clients may choose chapter 13 is that they usually able to keep all of their property. We will help you determine which of your property you would like to keep and work the the Court to establish a fair repayment plant for you and your creditors.
Repay Over Time
In a chapter 13 bankruptcy, your debt is reorganized into a manageable repayment plan the will continue over a period three to five years. You will pay into your plan monthly and the Chapter 13 Trustee will distribute the funds to your creditors. Let us help you regain control of your finances, keep your home, and get a fresh start.

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